Why Do We Need To Build Emotional Resilience? | Lesser-Known Writer

Why Do We Need To Build Emotional Resilience? | Lesser-Known Writer

Do you have trouble tackling your problems? Did you know that your greatness- your future- depends bluntly and directly on your Emotional Resilience?

“Today was a better day than yesterday, tears brought more energy. So tomorrow will be even better”- Danilo Prado.

Two years ago, doctors diagnosed Danilo with lymphatic cancer. At first, it was devastating news that affected him and his family. Chaos and despair settled in his life and caused complete mental disorganization.

Instead of submitting to illness, he looked for ways to enjoy his life to deal optimistically with the whole issue. A biopsy was a high-risk situation, as the tumour was very close to the lung, and any carelessness during the procedure could result in an organ perforation.

At the time of the surgery, Danilo began to think about his sense of life, what his mission in life was. Questions like “Am I prepared for the worst? If that happens, will I have fulfilled my mission? Do I have any irreparable regrets? ” rang in his head.

After being discharged from the hospital, he immediately went back to work. That was the strategy he found to occupy his mind with something that brought him satisfaction and thus, not to allow producing negative thoughts always.

Upon receiving the results of the biopsy, Danilo developed something he called ‘realistic optimism’. In other words, that state of mind hopes for the best, but aware that there are situations beyond our control. Cancer at that time was something that was out of his control.

In December 2019, the doctor informed Danilo that he had beaten all cancer and regained his life. Upon leaving the clinic, the word that first came to mind was: FREEDOM.

Like Danilo, we are all able to develop emotional Resilience and overcome moments of adversity. We can achieve something more significant by just having the will to face our monsters.

In physics, Resilience is a property that certain materials have to accumulate energy after going through pressure or stress. Resilient materials withstand such situations without breaking their structures.

Applying this concept to our lives, it is an ability to bend but not break. We can understand emotional Resilience as a powerful ability to deal with the challenges of our daily lives. The ability to be resilient contributes positively to coping well with the various challenges that will arise on a personal level – relationship with family and friends.

It is worth mentioning that Emotional Resilience is not a natural skill. It is something that one can only develop.

Emotional Resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations and cope with life’s ups and downs.

I want to talk to you about why you need to build Emotional Resilience.

It’s the emotionally resilient people that win, and here’s why:

Why Do We Need To Build Emotional Resilience?

Emotional Resilience gives you:

  • Success
  • Balance
  • Control

Here’s how:

Success is a result of Emotional Resilience. Emotionally Resilient people do not easily give up on their goals and adapt their plans to changes that occur in their lives. Your entire plan is directed towards achieving your goals.

A resilient person can balance his emotions effectively because he learns to see things from another, more practical, and optimistic perspective. Besides, he seeks ways to release day-to-day worries by meditating, practising physical exercises, engaging in a hobby, or undergoing therapy.

Resilience teaches you to control yourself in depression and stress situations that stimulate feelings such as anxiety, fear, and insecurity. It also helps us follow our plans even in the face of difficulties.

Simply put, the key to being a better person is Emotional Resilience.

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