Who is an Empath? Everything you need to know about Empathy

Who is an Empath? Everything you need to know about Empathy

How do you feel when you realise that you are not so much involved in the feelings of people surrounding you?Do busy crowds and a good rush feel uncomfortable to you? Some of you may feel weird, but it’s okay, and it only means that you are a very sensitive person. A sensitive person can also be called an empath. An empath can be described as a person who takes in the happiness and sorrows of the world like sponges of emotions. 


Who is an empath?

Empaths face a shortage in the protection filters used by most people to protect themselves from imprudent stimulation. That is why they absorb the emotions and energies from their surroundings, no matter good or bad.  

These people are susceptible to extrinsic incentives like noises, chaotic environments, and awkward personalities. They spread love and care to the whole world and deeply feel for everything. 

Signs and traits of an Empath

  • Filled with empathy 

To empathise means to have the ability to understand different experiences and soft feelings of some outsiders from your own point of view.

For example, if a person has recently lost a person they love the most, the person who is an empath will understand how much the other person is suffering. It is not necessary that the empath person has also faced a similar loss in their life. They can sense and feel various emotions as if they are just a part of it. Someone else’s happiness and joy become their own, and they embrace it.

  • Overwhelmed by intimacy and close actions

If you’re an empath, you will generally find it difficult to make frequent intimate connections. Empaths generally take time in engaging themselves in romantic relationships. They prefer making a strong connection and a long lasting partnership. Sometimes relationships are not that smooth. Distances and misunderstandings lead to stress, worries and they may also get lost in it. Spending time alone is very important for them, no matter if they’re in a relationship. Their partner may get hurt for this specific behaviour, and they (empaths) might feel sad about it.

  • Having a good intuition

Have you ever strongly sensed the upcoming of some incident? You suddenly get the intuition and work according to that. We can call this one of the empathy traits. You tend to pick up subtle clues which provide you proper insights into someone else’s thought. If you’re an empath, you can easily catch if someone is truthful to you or not. 

  • Taking comfort in nature

Spending time with the natural environment is advantageous to every human being. Empaths love to utilise this advantage a lot. They love to spend time and get lost in beautiful nature. Also, they are more attractive in remote and lone areas. They are very calm, and they need some rest from the chaos, sounds and varied emotions. 

Things are so peaceful while hiking up the mountains or watching the sunset on a beach. Even while walking alone in the garden and embracing the beauty of the flowers, they will feel a different aura that will lift your mood and energy. This will be a pleasant and soothing action for an empath.

  • Crowded places are just not a cup of tea.

Empaths have the ability to absorb both positive and negative energies from someone. This is more specifically noticed when the empath is in a crowded place. The sensitivity of the empath increases to a point when it becomes intolerable. Empaths have the thing of feeling everything more intensely. If you can understand the feelings of others, you will have a tough time handling the emotional chaos coming from a rush for an extended period. 

  • Not getting enough care.

Empaths are generally introverted people. They keep their circle small. The only difference between them and a normal person is that they feel things with someone and not for someone. Considering someone else’s feelings deeply will make you do something good for them. There will be times when the situations will be challenging, and it won’t be easy for you to give them the adequate card and love to ease their stress. Their stress and worries will start affecting you when you’ll fail in soothing them.

  • A shoulder for all

Empaths are generally sensitive people, and they are also some of the fantastic listeners. People who you care for will feel comfortable sharing their hardships. Your support to them will bring them more towards you. You may get overwhelmed at a point for caring too much. That is why it is vital to maintain a balance in everything. If you do not set limits, your kindness and sensitive nature can pave the path to emotional dumplings, and you’ll be hurt in the end. Empaths are far away from any manipulative or toxic actions. They understand the depth of pain fuelling the individual and extend their support.

  • Other features

Empaths generally have a highly sensitive nature to the sounds, smell, and stimuli of the environment. Fragrance and smells of flowers, air and people, etc. affect them. They need personal time to recharge themselves and do not like to get into conflicts. There are some places where they feel unfit. That is why they tend to isolate themselves. To know about their personality traits, we need to follow the CANOE acronym.


C- Conscientiousness

A- Agreeableness

N- Neuroticism

O- Openness

E- Extraversion/Extroversion

If you carry all these traits in you, you’re indeed an empath. Read about the CANOE System here : https://lesserknownwriter.com/the-big-five-personality-traits-canoe-system-model/

signs and traits of an empath


After going through all the Signs and traits of an empath, you can understand who is an empath and what it is like to be an empath. They bind love, friendships, relationships and humanity in a healthy way. They see the world in a unique way, and sometimes it is difficult for an empath to cope with the emotional load. But the world has different people, and each one of them has its own beauty in personality.

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