Revenge and its taste | Sweet Revenge or the Sour one?

Revenge and its taste | Sweet Revenge or the Sour one?

The human mind is a point of great interest and intrigue. It is probably the largest and the toughest jigsaw puzzle that has ever existed; and yet, no one has been able to solve it completely. Such is the intricacy of life! What is life without a zillion emotions? Emotions like revenge?

Human emotions are primarily of two types- Positive and Negative. The positive ones bring cheer and joy to our lives, whereas the negative ones cast a shadow of gloom and unease.

Revenge is perhaps one of the harshest words one can use. The dictionary meaning of this term is implicating something hurtful unto someone who has wronged you. Even though the dictionary meaning seems pretty clear, the word has many interpretations. After all, no human emotion is as simple as it seems!

Psychologists opine that revenge is subjective. It is more of a state of mind than the physical act of hurting someone. It gives a sense of supremacy arising from being able to control the pain of someone who has caused you suffering. Revenge can be further classified into two broad categories – Physical revenge and Psychological revenge.

Physical revenge, as the term rightly suggests, is giving physical torment to the one who has caused you the same. However, the tendency to take physical revenge can be easily curbed by a well-put-together law and order system.

Psychological revenge, on the other hand, is the more intense one. It takes a toll on the very being of the person challenging the avenger morally and emotionally.

Psychological revenge is sought mostly when a person feels bad, betrayed, and let down. Now, the question arises – is the taste of revenge sweet or sour?

Human psychology is very complex. It is a fine play of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Emotions are the strongest weapons one can possess. They can make or mar the person entirely. Since psychological revenge begins with the injustice of moral and emotional sorts, it is a very subjective concept.

Phrases like ‘sweet revenge’ have been in practice for ages. This signifies that not every instance of this emotion is bitter. There is constructive revenge as well. When taken with a positive sense, as ironic as it may sound, it is very helpful for the emotional strength and growth of a person. If competition for power or victory is held in a very safe and peaceful space, there lies the sweet, constructive revenge.

Now comes the dreaded of all – destructive psychological revenge. There are no two ways about the fact that this hardly does any good to anyone. This type of vengeance is quintessentially negative and harmful to both the doer and the sufferer. All living beings flourish on happiness and peace. It is rightly said that peace is worth all it takes. And, revenge targets peace and happiness to no end.

What may start as a simple act of getting back at someone takes no time to go south. Bitterness is a taste that has the capacity to overpower all that’s sweet, and unfortunately, vengeance has a bitter aftertaste. Any negative emotion starts forming its own vicious cycle. If one gets habituated to getting fueled by the pain inflicted upon someone, it can get serious consequences in the future.

The human mind is a funny, glorious mess. When you give it the right direction, it can do wonders. But, if it gets any negative direction to grow in, it can get out of hand…

Here are some things that can help you keep away from revenge tendencies:

⮚ Take a deep breath and remember all the good that you have got in life.

⮚ Just close your eyes and be grateful to the universe for granting you your very existence.

⮚ Understand why you were wronged.

⮚ Try to get to the bottom of such heinous thought processes and find a way out.

In life, the lines between right and wrong are often blurred. One can decide what’s right and what’s wrong on the basis of its morality alone. Hence, it is necessary to accept the fact that what you found wrong, unfair, and unjust need not be the same for everyone. Trying to empathize always helps in getting rid of the sour revenge taste.

Frank Sinatra aptly says, “The best revenge is massive success”.


Success is so subjective that no one can confine it within the boundaries of a rigid definition. The only way to measure success is by determining how happy and peaceful you are. A peaceful mind is an abode of magic, and revenge never guarantees peace of mind. Thus, revenge is quite sour and should be kept at bay as much as possible for a delightful life ahead.

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