The Modern Rules of Present Moment Awareness

The Modern Rules of Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

To live in the present is very important. We have often heard this saying. It is always advisable not to live too much in the past or think about your future. It is because your present moment is the only time you have control on. You should never let it slip away. In the world of the 21st century, it is challenging to live in the present moment with uncertainties all around. People in this generation need to prepare themselves for their future in a well-documented manner.

The anxiety, dissatisfaction, and stress phase are ubiquitous in the nonstop and hectic routine. Without your slightest realisation, this process of getting drawn towards the past and getting deeper into the future perpetually tires you down, and you seem to lose yourself amidst the busy schedule of life. Here, we will learn about some modern rules of present moment awareness and how we should follow them.

What does living in the present mean?

Living at the fullest to the present moment signifies being aware and cautious of what happens in the current times. We should not be distracted by the contemplation of the past and tension about the future. We should rather emphasise the psychology of living in the present moment within our lifestyle rather than what struggles us with anxiety and stress. The present moment has no time limit in it. Every event that occurs happens in the present moment. Every event that has happened or is about to happen is also because of the present moment. It will be wrong to live a life beyond the present moment.

Why is present moment awareness important?

Living the present moment and enjoying it is the only way to stay healthy and happy. It cuts down the stress, tension, and worries of your life and helps maintain a good connection with your life, surroundings and yourself. Recently, it has been a well-known topic to discuss. You also have to keep in mind that the advice of living in the present is not just a regular lifestyle tip or a fad. In fact, the present moment awareness is scientifically proven as the best way of living your life.

Besides reducing stress and tension, it also teaches us an effective way of dealing with pain which impacts our health. It also helps in coping with fear, anger and other negative emotions.

Rules of Present Moment Awareness

To be aware of the present moment in life, you need to follow the following rules:-

●      Memorise your past incidents in small bits. Focus on your present according to some instances of your past. To live a pleasant and happy experience in the present, you need to know your mistakes from the past and learn.

●      Also, think about the future in small bits. You should picture a healthy future according to the present you are living in. This does not mean you have to spend the whole time thinking about the future. Plan for your future according to your necessity and prepare yourself for it.

●      Try to enjoy the present moment to the fullest so that you do not regret it later.

●      Try to let go of things when it starts worrying you. You don’t have to be cautious about everything in life.

●      Start focusing on every single breath you take. This will enhance your mindfulness and create a peaceful surrounding to smoothen your interactions with other people.

●      Try making your hectic schedule a bit loose and spend little time with yourself.

●      Try to accept your skills and capabilities and move forward to the things that make you happy. Never run away from things that bother you.

●      Avoid working on something that can make you unmindful, and start working on those things you can concentrate on.

Exercises to strengthen your Present Moment Awareness

You may also try some exercises to boost your mind and concentration for achieving present moment awareness.

●      Concentrating and scanning your body exercises:-

This is an easy exercise to connect with your body. You just have to lie down and take cautious breaths. Give attention to one part of your body at a time, and try doing this exercise in the morning. This will give a healthy start to your day.

●      Try planning out your daily goals.

Plan and visualise your everyday goals. This will make your concentration level higher. Completing little goals will boost your confidence in life.

●      Review your day at the end

It is essential to think of all the activities you did at the end of the day. This will help you analyse yourself and what you do in a day. This will also help you make the following day better. You will have a clear idea of things that should be done and things that should be avoided.


Besides these rules and exercises, you can also try to meditate. This will increase your concentration and make your mind contemptuous and satisfied with the things it is surrounded by. It will commit you to your present world, and you will love enjoying it. Permit your emotions to enjoy yourself in your own way without making a judgement on your current surroundings. In case you face problems following the steps mentioned above, you must get Present Moment Awareness Therapy. This therapy is almost the same as other mental therapies and will help you enhance your self-realisation to enjoy the present moment. Besides, it applies some twists, tips, and tricks for present moment awareness in its diagnosis. Otherwise, you may also follow the easy steps mentioned above. We hope this blog has made you understand what present moment awareness is. We would hence, love to know your reviews.

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