Sleep Hygiene | Why does getting a good night’s sleep matters

Sleep Hygiene | Why does getting a good night’s sleep matters

If I ask you what Sleep Hygiene means to you, what do you think your answer should be? Not sure? In this article, we will discuss Sleep hygiene and why it is essential. We will also lay down some helpful sleep hygiene tips, as well as some really good sleep hygiene techniques, and how poor sleep hygiene can harm us in the longer run.

Sleep Hygiene matters a lot because it is like a routine that helps us have a good quality sleep at night. Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health — especially after the pandemic of covid-19. They have started focusing more on their health — and health is directly related to sleep. 

Obtaining good quality sleep is necessary for every age group. Healthy sleep improves physical and mental health; it enhances productivity and overall well-being. Do you know what goes on inside your body when you sleep? Read:

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Sleep Hygiene

Before coming straight to the point, let us discuss what sleep hygiene is. Sleep hygiene is a practice that helps people deal with moderate to strong insomnia. It depends upon the environment of your bedroom and the daily schedule you follow. You need to tailor your sleep routine according to your need. This will help you in harnessing positive habits and for a healthy day. The disclaimer here is, that these tips and techniques will give you results only when you apply them to your life routine and practice regularly.

Why it is important?

  • To improve productivity and the quality of your work and life, you need to have good mental and physical health. And for that, you need to have a healthy sleep.
  • Sleeping timely is a good habit. According to researchers, it is considered the central part of health. When you follow a sustainable as well as healthy routine, it creates an ongoing positive reinforcement process.
  • We, humans, have the ability to make our habits as long-term interests. Therefore pave your way to good sleep and better health so that you accomplish your goals easily.
  • Sleep hygiene should be considered a public health strategy as it can solve problems like insomnia, at low cost and with no risk.

Sleep Hygiene Tips:-

  • Optimise your routine. Optimising your sleep and pre-bed routine makes you harness habits and also creates a favourable environment for your bedroom. This will make you relax and doze you into sleep as soon as you hit your head on the pillow.
  • Set a specific sleep schedule for yourself. This will help your brain to get an adequate amount of rest and sleep.
  • Start cultivating regular healthy habits like going outdoors, doing physical activities and reducing alcohol consumption. This will support your body’s circadian rhythm and reduce the amount of sleep disruption.
  • Follow a consistent routine and dim your lights while sleeping. This will reinforce your mind and increase the production of melatonin hormone and facilitate you in sleeping.

Sleep Hygiene Techniques are:-

  • Use a comfortable mattress and pillow while sleeping to feel comfortable and pain-free; it will also emanate your tranquillity.
  • Tune your air conditioners to a comfortable temperature for your bedrooms (appx.65 degrees Fahrenheit). You can also use heavy curtains and cover your eyes with an eye mask while sleeping.
  •  Use good room fresheners, such as the one with the scent of lavender, to induce a calm state of mind and a positive space for sleeping.
sleep hygiene

What is Poor Sleep Hygiene?

Poor sleep hygiene is a disorder that is caused by irregular sleeping routines.

Here, we are going to jump straight into how can Inadequate sleep hygiene can harm you.

Some common sleeping disorders:-

· Insomnia

It is a type of sleeping disorder in which you will face trouble while falling asleep. It is of different types:- some being acute, which is for a short duration of sleep, like from 1 night to 2-3 weeks, and another one is chronic, which is for a longer duration like 3 months in the interval of 3 nights per week.

· Sleep Apnea

It is a severe sleeping disorder in which a person is unable to breathe correctly while sleeping. This is undoubtedly not a good sign. It is of different types like- obstructive sleep apnea which occurs when the throat muscles relax. This is a common form of sleep apnea. Another one is central sleep apnea which occurs when the respiratory muscles, which control our respiratory systems, do not get proper signals from the brain.

· Narcolepsy

This is a neurologically severe disorder that occurs due to irregular daytime sleepiness, and it affects the ability to wake and sleep at the correct time.

Some signs of poor sleeping hygiene:-

· Uncomfortable Bedroom 

· Excessive napping.

· Excess intake of caffeine before bedtime

· Irregular Daytime Sleeping. This is caused due to sleep disorder at night which reduces the sleep duration at night.

· Frequent visits to the washroom during the night, which disturbs the sleep cycle.


To conclude, proper sleep hygiene is vital for every individual. In case you have Poor Sleep Hygiene, you should do the necessary treatments and consult a doctor. 

Follow the above-mentioned sleep hygiene tips and sleep hygiene techniques and join hands to strive for sleep hygiene protocols for everyone.

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