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Lesser Known Writer’s publication segment – Lesser Known Books is one of the best ebook publishing sites in India. This platform includes digital books for your tablet, kindle, or mobile device. All titles are available through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Lesser Known Writer’s eStore. Do you want to publish your ebook online with us? We’ve got you covered. Publish with us just as you would publish a kindle ebook on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com)! We are excited to hear about your book idea. Please email us at support@lesserknownwriter.com if you would like your work to be considered for publication with Lesser Known Books.

We follow a unique business model for publishing which includes

  • pre-publication services;
  • publishing services;
  • marketing services

We offer a wide variety of services for authors who would like to publish their ebooks with us.

Pre-book publishing assistance:

  • Book text proofreading and editing;
  • Book Formatting;
  • Interior Layout;
  • Cover Design;
  • eBook Publishing;
  • Promoting book through the web page of Lesser Known Writer and our network (social media pages, etc)



Lesser Known Books is currently open to considering for publication ONLY non-fiction e-books.

Genres include Self-help, Psychology, Motivation, Self-Improvement, Relationships, Health, Family, Wellness, Religion, Spirituality, Mindful Living…and everything related.

Language: English

Please do not submit fiction or any other genres that do not belong to the categories mentioned above for publishing. We will not consider manuscripts in these areas.

Kindly submit a soft copy of your proposal to submissions@lesserknownwriter.com.

A proposal should ideally have the following :

  • A detailed synopsis of your work.
  • Any 2 sample chapters which will best represent your writing.
  • A detailed Author’s bio.
  • Concept note explaining your target audience and word count.

Please note:

  • The decision to accept or reject your proposal lies with Lesser Known Books alone. We will not necessarily provide a reason for accepting or rejecting a proposal.
  • Please retain a copy of your work as we are not liable for any loss or damage to the submitted manuscript.
  • We will not return your submissions irrespective of whether they have been accepted or turned down.
  • If we like your proposal, we would still like to see the complete manuscript before the final decision to publish.
  • If we accept your proposal, you will be formally notified.

Some of our publications: https://lesserknownwriter.com/buy-non-fiction-books-online/

Selling your e-books on our platform

Once your book is published, you will be able to place your e-book online on our e-store just like Amazon kindle ebook store. To know more, visit: https://lesserknownwriter.com/sell-with-us-lesser-known-books/