Niksen : The Art of Doing Nothing Explained

Niksen : The Art of Doing Nothing Explained


In recent years, the people of the Netherlands have inspired us with an art that focuses on prioritising a healthy lifestyle in a different hangout style. This art is called Niksen. In simple words, you can define Niksen as the art of doing nothing. It is a practice where an individual let goes of the stress and cherishes the moment of doing nothing. Our world is a big stage with a lot of hustle and bustle. Therefore, the Dutch people have dug out this concept of self-care, which sounds more interesting than it seems. Niksen is basically sitting idle and enjoying your “me time”. The theme of Niksen is all about replenishing your energy and instilling a fit and fine mindset on productivity. In this article, we will be discussing what Niksen is about, and the steps to practice it.

What do you understand about NIKSEN?

The literal meaning of Niksen is to do zero work, sit idle, or do something which is of no use. The managing director of CSR Centrum Stress and Burnout Coaching, Carolien Hamming, has described it in the same way in their coaching centre in the Netherlands. The art of doing nothing helps people manage tension and worries and get over them. The steps to practice Niksen are as easy as just hanging out here and there, observing your surroundings while listening to music or doing things without purpose. The main concept of Niksen is doing things for not achieving something or being productive.

Advantages of practising Niksen

  1. People who practice Niksen can observe various changes in their life. These changes include having low levels of stress and being happier than their previous days.
  2. People who practice Niksen can observe various changes in their life. These changes include having low levels of stress and being happier than their previous days.
  3. People who practice Niksen can observe various changes in their life. These changes include having low levels of stress and being happier than their previous days.

How do people practise Niksen?

Normalising rest incorporation in your daily lifestyle without depending on adrenaline is important. It arrives in your mind’s space with the intention of clarity and relaxation. In recent times, our careers and lives are so entangled that they hardly converse with each other.
Niksen is about letting go of the working world altogether. Rather than modifying your work and preparing yourself for the next one, take a Holiday break to indulge in relaxation and idleness. You can consider a holiday as an opportunity to refresh yourself from the workload.

Things you can do to follow the art of doing nothing :

1. Avoid looking at your phone when you are waiting in the queue of the supermarket store.

2. Watch the water dripping while you brew your coffee in the morning.

3. Have a walk around a park or garden without listening to music podcasts or attending a phone call. Hear the crunching sound of your feet as you step on the gravel.

4. Lay down in a field and watch the sky above with clouds shifting here and there.

5. Have a seat in your favourite chair and observe nature out of your window.

6. Close the device you are working on and have a break to rest your eyes.

7. Sit under a tree shade and daydream.

How does Niksen help us?

The best description suited for this art is how it relaxes the mind for a shorter period. It is a necessity for us to look after ourselves and our minds because our mind functions like a CPU in the human form. It requires fun and enjoyment occasionally. Therefore, we should increase the level of joyfulness in mind as it will expand productivity in our work.

Being stuck at your work at all times can finish the creativity of your mind.

The beneficial concept of Niksen

Studies have reported that being unproductive by wasting time and practising the art of Niksen leads to happiness. People have started to notice that the happiness they are cherishing is due to the unproductivity caused by Niksen. However, it is not easy for everyone to understand the joyous feelings they enjoy.

In the Netherlands, People face work pressure due to which they have a feeling of stress and depression. People who tend to perform the art of Niksen can enjoy their life with lime and light. This makes them have a free mind which leads to more productivity along with the wellness of their mind and body.

Negative views of Niksen in people’s mind

People do not usually follow the art of doing nothing because they think that doing nothing will make them lazy as human beings. This, in return, will make them obese and surrounded by certain health issues which degrade both the body and mind. They feel that doing something will regulate the proper functioning of the body and make it healthy, unlike Niksen.

Bottom Line

Everyone should enjoy the feeling of joyfulness through relaxation but do not make it the main reason for cheerfulness in life. Relaxing all the time can surely diminish productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to search how much and what kind of relaxation suits you the most.

We hope that Niksen has grabbed your attention and you will practise it soon. Remember that there is no correct and incorrect method of practising Niksen. You can follow and cherish it in your own way. Let go of all your requirements to accomplish this feeling. As mentioned, for practising this soothing process, all you have to do is follow the art of doing nothing and allow yourself to relax at all times.


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