Trauma Recovery using a Holistic Approach | Moving from Fear to Love : By Lisa Proudfoot

Trauma Recovery using a Holistic Approach | Moving from Fear to Love : By Lisa Proudfoot

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The lady in the video is Lisa Proudfoot – a holistic therapist at ‘Release Therapies‘ based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She works using a holistic approach to trauma recovery, and believes that healing is possible through the relationship you establish with a therapist, along with connecting to your mind, body and emotions.

Lisa is a trained counsellor, reiki master, shamanic healer, massage therapist and Tai Reflexologist. She is currently carrying out a teacher training course in Chi Kung and meditation. She also has a physiotherapy and occupational background from working with the NHS for the last 17 years. Her counselling training in the Transactional analysis led her into analysing the social interactions that people presented within their relationships with themselves and others.

She specialises in working compassionately with Holistic Minded People who have suffered from trauma. She coaches them in moving from Fear to Love.

On a positive side, she felt that her clients were gaining self awareness from this approach. However, she still felt stuck in her work with them as they had little connection with their own body and emotions. This is where she started to integrate all her other holistic services and see her clients as a whole person. The clients she works with have suffered from trauma and spent a lifetime of living in a survival mode. Therefore, they have been disconnected from their body and emotions out of fear.

A way of distraction for many was by keeping themselves busy by using the following 5 driving behaviors such as:

1. Being Perfect

The lesson – to learn that you are good enough as you are.

2. Pleasing others

The lesson – to engage in your own self care so you can be more available to others.

3. Trying hard to be a high achiever or being a workaholic

The lesson – accept that you are doing the best you can, and that you are good enough.

4. Being strong

The lesson – you can be safe to show your vulnerability.

5. Hurrying up

The lesson – you can slow down and take your time so you can appreciate all of the things around you.

Not only this, they also try to escape their thoughts and feelings by engaging in addictive behaviours such as:

  1. Binge drinking
  2. Online gambling
  3. Drug misuse
  4. Comfort eating
  5. Social media
  6. Shopping

Unchecked, these unhelpful behaviours and addictions can lead to chronic stress, burn out and future health problems.

Trauma recovery

Lisa works with replacing these unhelpful behaviours and addictions with methods of self regulation such as –

Gratitude practice,

Positive thinking mantras,

Breath work,

Body scans,


Promoting healthy eating,


Chakra balancing,


Inner child work,

Creativity etc..

Her aim is to provide a safe and compassionate space for people to learn how to slow down, carry out your inner work, and safely come back home to your body and emotions. As per what she says, we were all born into this world as innocent human beings with this capacity. You can visit her website and familiarise yourself with her own Pyramid of Trauma Recovery. It’s the framework she followed to become the person she is today.

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