Intentional Living : How to live with intention?

Intentional Living : How to live with intention?

Shwetha Sivaraman is a life enthusiast, entrepreneur, podcaster, and self-awareness coach. She runs a lifestyle business, and is the founder of Being Meraklis – a community that aspires and inspires individuals to live their best lives – the Meraklis way. We collaborated with her to talk about Intentional Living. In the video, she talks about how to live with intention.

What is Intentional Living?

A man is riding a horse that is galloping very quickly. He seems to be in a hurry — probably heading to an important place.

“Where are you going?” a man yells at him.

“I don’t know. Ask the horse,” the rider replies.

Sometimes, life feels like a horse we cannot control. The horse keeps running whichever direction it so pleases, and we are carried forward from one situation to another. It’s like we’ve given away the remote control of our lives to someone else, and are following the call to action when somebody else presses a button. We go through our day to day motions with barely any involvement, and simply get by. Time keeps passing, and one day when we finally wake up – we can’t recognise ourselves, our lives, our choices, or our behaviour.

The problem is, that there are enough distractions in the world for us to keep passing time. But before we know it, we will reach our deathbed full of regrets because we pursued the many little distractions instead of the handpicked big dreams. Intentional Living is to be mindful throughout our lives, make deliberate choices, and create a life where we are excited to meet each day and live it up to our best potential. 

How to practice Intentional Living?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1: Get Clear on the end goal.

2: Add meaning to everything

3: We are all going to die eventually.

4: Take your foot off the gas pedal

5: Focus on one activity at a time

6: Make time for silence.

To reach Shwetha:

If you have more questions, feel free to DM her on Instagram at @beingmeraklis or email us from our website

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