How to recognise physical symptoms of Anxiety?

How to recognise physical symptoms of Anxiety?

Have you ever felt anxious? Are you aware of the feeling of anxiety and what causes it? Have you ever realised where it comes from — what factors and circumstances are responsible for it? We can see that the list of these unanswered questions is increasing in numbers, and all of them are interconnected. They have a common base in them – Anxiety. Therefore, we need to understand what anxiety is. When you are under stress, your body responds to it naturally. This natural response of your body to stressors is known as anxiety. It is a very strong, intense and constant worry about the daily situations of our life. Anxiety causes a lot of mental as well as physical problems. We will be talking about the physical symptoms of anxiety and how to identify them. Once the symptoms are identified, it will be easy for us to diagnose it.  


How to recognise the physical symptoms of anxiety?

As we know, anxiety is our body’s reaction to stress or nervousness. Anxiety is more common in women than in men. There are many kinds of anxiety disorders, and to name some of them, we have:-

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

This anxiety disorder includes irrational thoughts coming to our minds in a repetitive manner. This makes a person perform strange behaviours repeatedly in a specific manner.

Learn about OCD :,nails%20or%20thinking%20negative%20thoughts.

  • Panic disorder

During intense fear and anxiety, some people may face random and consecutive panic attacks or anxiety attacks. This anxiety disorder counts into that.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Any traumatic event or experience in the past may lead to PTSD. This type of disorder may include nightmares, some scary flashbacks, severe anxiety, and unstoppable irrational thoughts.

  • Illness anxiety disorder

This disorder is also known as hypochondria. It discusses the anxiety disorder in illness when a person starts trembling from anxiety. They start having fear because of health and imagine suffering from a lot of physical ailments.

  • Social anxiety disorder

This is an anxiety disorder where a person gets anxious while handling social interactions. In this case, the person might start trembling from anxiety.

  • Separation anxiety disorder

This anxiety disorder occurs when a person gets separated from his favourite place or person. This type of anxiety disorder is quite common in young adults and children.

Anxiety causes a lot of physical symptoms as well.

Listing down the physical symptoms of anxiety –

  • Stomach pain, nausea or having some digestion problems.
  • Strong headache
  • Sleeping problems like insomnia
  • Feeling weak or fatigue
  • Fast breaths or breath shortness
  • Increased the pumping rate of our heart.
  • Sweating abruptly
  • Shaking or trembling from anxiety
  • Pain in muscles and limbs.

Some other symptoms if you face a panic attack due to anxiety are:-

  • Fear of expiring soon.
  • Problems in breathing properly or feeling choked.
  • A sensation of numbness or tingling in certain parts of our body.
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded as if you’re just about to fall.
  • Having shivering chills due to body’s overheating.

Physical ailments without any medical cause are the prime signal of having anxiety. If these symptoms start affecting you emotionally and physically and make it tough for you to live like this, you should immediately consult a doctor. A doctor or a therapist will read your problems, inquire about how many days you’re feeling like this, and provide you with the necessary solutions for your problems.


Ways to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety

  • Medication

Medication is not an absolute cure remedy to anxiety, but they help manage anxiety symptoms in an efficient way. Many professionals often suggest benzodiazepines for treating anxiety. They are sedatives that slow down the functioning of our body and become a habit due to regular intake.

You can learn about how psychotherapy works here:

  • Psychotherapy

CBT and exposure therapy are the most common in this type. They are very effective in managing anxiety disorders. These therapies help In focusing on the problem of the person and heals it through conversation. They also make a person face their obligation and appropriately deal with them.

  • Know your signs and triggers

If you identify the signs of what makes you anxious and stressed, you will start taking the necessary actions. Follow a regular healthy diet and try doing a bit of exercise as well.

  • New methods

You can also try new activities like meditation, yoga or anything which you consider as your hobby. They ease your stress and take your mind off worries. Try socialising with people and set new goals in your life. Once you distract yourself from your problems and worries, you will start leading a healthy life.

Anxiety occurs when a person starts stressing about something bad which might happen. Anxiety attacks have a direct connection with fear and worries but are very different from panic attacks. You need to be clear of the differences between them, and for that, you need to know about the types and causes of anxiety disorders. The symptoms of panic and anxiety are also different. Anxiety takes a longer time to process into the body than a normal panic attack. As we have already discussed with the types, let us know about the causes of anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety
  • Some work or financial pressure in a person’s life.
  • Family, relationship or friendship problems.
  • Separation from a favourite place or person or getting divorced.
  • Unable to cope up with administrative or technological issues.
  • Change in life, as in shifting homes and jobs.
  • Any phobia might lead to anxiety.
  • A psychological disorder can also cause anxiety attacks.


Anxiety attacks should not be dealt with casually as the symptoms of anxiety can lead to serious issues in future. Try to follow the mentioned ways to manage and cure your anxiety. Be fast in recognising the physical symptoms of anxiety so that you can save your life from something brutal and live peacefully. 

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