Pregnancy Loss | Infertility Trauma | How to deal with it?

Pregnancy Loss | Infertility Trauma | How to deal with it?

The lady in the video is Jennifer Hepton. She is a pregnancy loss speaker, writer, and awareness advocate. Lesser Known Writer has collaborated with her for this video, where she talks about, and normalises the discussion around pregnancy loss and infertility trauma in our motherhood journey. 

When we move into our motherhood Journey … we feel optimistic, positive, and excited; however, one out of four women experience a pregnancy loss, and are we not talking about it.

Jennifer believes that it’s because it is a painful experience, and society tells us that pain is something not to be shared. However, just because it’s painful, it does not mean that you are defeated. It does not mean that you are alone, and it does not mean that we do not talk about it. 

Her fertility journey was 11 years long and she has experienced miscarriages, the stillbirth of her daughter, terminating for medical reasons of her twin. She also went through IVF, IUI, and egg donor. 

Her motherhood journey has been a full spectrum of experiences and emotions. Jennifer now has a beautiful rainbow baby via surrogate and an egg donor. 

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss, know that you are not alone. Even though it might feel like you’re the only one in the world experiencing this. When we experience pregnancy loss our world changes, our mind changes, our body changes, and our belief system changes. This is because we have experienced a trauma – infertility trauma. 

We need to talk more about infertility trauma because it can stay with us. We can identify with this trauma. Infertility trauma doesn’t define us but it can take over our minds if we do not have the support that we need. Our mental health during fertility is extremely important. That is why, normalising this discussion is so important because, in the sharing, we heal. 

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In the video, Jennifer shares what happens to your mind and body after pregnancy loss. She also shares some tools that you can store in your tool kit. 

Understanding what happens to our mind and body creates a place of awareness. This allows us to heal and move into a place of integration and hope. 

Pregnancy loss is a unique experience for each of us; it’s also a journey that you do not have to do on your own. 

There is a level of self-preservation and advocacy that you need to invite when you are ready. 

So feel ALL your emotions, listen to your body, and know that you are not alone in this painful experience. 

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Her Instagram handle is @a_conscious_motherhood. You can also visit her pregnancy loss resource page at

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