Getting Things Done with Zero Motivation

Getting Things Done with Zero Motivation

Do you ever feel that you’re not getting the motivation to do any work just because you are not in the mood to do it? The lack of motivation can result in various losses in your life, thus being the prime obstacle to achieving your goals. When you have zero motivation to complete your assignment or even start it, consider and try to analyse all the possible reasons why you are facing struggles to get it done. You will realise that you need to schedule a plan that you should regularly follow for being motivated in your work. Make sure that every strategy does not work for everyone. You should perform some repetitive experiments to carefully notice which strategies work best to help you reach your target, and what helps you in getting things done.

Why do people face zero motivation to get things done?

Zero motivation can be a symptom of both big and small problems. It can result in procrastination, and the more you procrastinate, the less you are motivated. Therefore, it is essential to analyse why you face zero motivation for getting things done.

Avoid discomforting elements:- at times, a lack of motivation arises because of having uncomfortable feelings surrounding you.

Doubting yourself at all times:- when you are already convinced that you can’t complete a task, you will face problems initiating it.

Being surrounded extensively:- having a lot of things going on in your life will make you feel overwhelmed, and that’s when you zap motivation in yourself.

Improper commitment to targets:- You won’t be able to take proper actions if you do not commit yourself completely to your target.

Strong mental health issues:- zero motivation can also be caused due to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Therefore your motivation level is also affected due to mental health. 

Besides, fear of additional and underlying thoughts also results in zero motivation in your life.

How to get things done with zero motivation?

The five most popular ways how to get things done with zero motivation are as follows:-

Pretend as if you are enough motivated for the day

Sometimes you have to trick yourself into inducing the feeling of motivation in yourself. You will have to do this by altering your behaviour towards certain things. Just pretend to feel motivated even if you have zero motivation in yourself. This will immediately change your actions besides changing your emotions.

Just keep asking yourself what you would do at that specific point if you feel motivated. What kind of dresses you would be wearing, how you would have thought, and what actions you would have taken. Follow these things, and you will immediately observe your motivation level increasing.

Start opposing your obstacles.

When you are struggling with proper motivation, you are most likely to come up with a lengthy list of reasons why you should not take a specific action. You might get thoughts like it will be challenging for you or it is impossible to get the work done in any possible way. These kinds of thoughts will keep you stuck on your couch.

Therefore, try opposing your obstacles. When you are getting thoughts like you are about to fail, look for all the reasons that make you feel you can succeed. Even when you think you will not be able to complete a job, jot down all the proofs which will make you realise that you are capable of completing the task.

There are many probable conditions to make you realise that things might work out better than your expectations. In addition, you will find out that when you develop a more balanced outlook in your life, it will help you in boosting up your motivation to try something different.

Start practices of self-comparison

Sometimes, you may feel that getting hard on yourself is an open door to achieving motivation. But rudely criticising yourself does not work.

Various studies and research have concluded that self-comparison is relatively much better and gives you more motivation, specifically when you have a lot of struggles related to adversity.

Pair a dreaded task with something you enjoy

Try pairing dreaded assignments with something you love doing. This is because your emotions play a vital role in controlling your emotional level. To refer to a context in this situation, you may listen to music while completing your projects. After getting it done, practice self-rewarding yourself for the work. This will increase your excitement level while doing the next task. This trick will work because you’ll be focusing more on the reward, which will eventually boost motivation in your life.

Emphasise more on self-care and manage your daily to-do list.

Managing your regular to-do list is a must for you when you are overwhelmed with your everyday work schedules. Check through your lengthy to-do list and cut those works which are non-essential. This is one of the best way of getting things done on time. Prioritise the essential ones first and make a target to get it done within a specified time. This will also help you spend more time and prioritise yourself first. Follow healthy habits like proper diet and sleep in a day. They will take care of your health and mind and enable you to have a proper and motivated lifestyle. 

In addition to these practices, you can also choose the 10-minute rule for strengthening your envision more than your tolerance. Take a break from your work if you are bored working long hours. Go for a random walk in a park or garden. These little breaks will make you have the self-realisation and push yourself to gain self-motivation while completing your job.


It is common for every person to struggle with motivation issues at one point. However, the only thing that matters is the way you respond to your reasons for zero motivation in your life. Remember to be kind to yourself, explore all kinds of strategies that can increase your motivation level, and seek professional help if required. Share your views in the comments below if this article helped you understand various ways of getting things done with zero motivation. 


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