Five Principles of Grateful Living | The Lesser Known

Five Principles of Grateful Living | The Lesser Known


Life is a gift to everyone. We should be grateful for it and live it with all the light and mirth. That is, we should follow the concept of Grateful Living. Now, you must be thinking about what is ” Grateful living”. Living life gratefully brings a lot of appreciative gifts in all the small moments in our lives. It is a beautiful way of living life where we understand that we should take nothing for granted. Rather, we should cultivate awareness and appreciate the completeness of our lives with every kind of emotion. Grateful Living helps create our paths to the opportunities which are always open for us. This includes the most difficult times where you get to learn, evolve, and extend yourself with compassion to others, the world, and even yourself. As we venture to observe our internal and external landscape with wide eyes, we tend to deepen our commitment and embrace life with all its piteousness and preciousness. We come alive and open ourselves to joy, wonder, and love.

If you are reading this article, you will understand the necessity of making gratitude a vital part of your life and how difficult it is to maintain this consistently.

What are the five principles of being grateful in Life?

Here, we have listed five simple principles of being grateful that you can learn to adapt to in your life.


Sometimes, we may not always be appealed by how other things are. We may feel like changing them. Acceptance is not always an agreement. However, to be grateful, we must learn to accept things the way they are at this moment. It does not indicate giving up on the changes we wish to create but instead giving in to what is at the present moment.

Things you should know about acceptance


We feel more grateful when we take more time to completely appreciate the people we are surrounded with and the number of blessings we receive from them. If you feel a lack of gratitude in your life, remember the things you are thankful for being in the right place.

Giving Back 

We often feel grateful when we receive something. However, the natural law of sending and receiving promises says that the more we offer, the more we receive. In this process, we will be getting more opportunities for ourselves with gratitude in our lives.


Being grateful is absolutely one of the most profound, original emotions we can experience. There is nothing shameful or contrived about being genuinely grateful. It is a feeling of ideal connection and true love in our life.


Being grateful and happy are like inseparable twins. It isn’t easy to be happy without feeling grateful within yourself. Being grateful certainly breeds happiness. In case you wish to feel more grateful, start finding joy in your life. Being happier will make you feel more grateful.

Five principles of Gratitude Living

1. Life Is a Gift

The fundamental rule of Grateful living is grounded on the concept of viewing life itself as a gift. It is an unexpected gift that you did not require to accomplish, earn or deserve, but you see it coming. It comes wrapped in various packaging ranges. You should enjoy every moment you live to the fullest and cherish the life given to you.

2. Everything Is a Surprise

Once you start considering your life as an unexpected gift and yourself as the lucky one to have it renewed every day, it can change the experience of your expectation. You can survey your life with the candidness of experiencing and exploring things as if you are doing it for the very first or the very last time.

3. Being Ordinary Is The New Extraordinary

One of the most easily approachable and straight pathways to an abundant sense in your life is when you learn to savour and celebrate the ordinary. How can you experience the generosity of your life more vividly and more consistently?

4. Appreciation Is Generative

When you start appreciating your life, it changes your life engagement from indirect to direct. You then begin to recognise that you have ample choices for orienting your attention.

5. Love Is Transformative

Love resides in the depth of all our hearts. It is deeply rooted within each of us. We protect it from the departure and arrival of our close person under certain circumstances. Love simply exists as the energy around us and within us. Whenever we nurture, care and tend to the things we value the most, that is when we show love towards them in action.

Why should we follow The Concept of being Grateful in Life?

Being grateful is the type of awareness where things come to you exactly as you require them. Be it people, situations, or difficulties.

Getting anxious is the opposite of being grateful. While getting anxious, you fail to understand what life has been gifting you all this time.

Both Worrying and being grateful are actions. Both of them are optional elements in your life. By choosing to be grateful, you can let go of the anxious space and time in your life.

Feeling grateful is very simple and easy. You just have to notice the good stuff happening in your life. You will realise that when you start paying attention to the little happy moments in your life, they tend to expand and grow more.

Each day will bring a wide range of opportunities when you start feeling grateful and appreciative of your life.

Once you ignore the action of appreciating your life, your potential will get limited for happiness, joy, and contentment in the current moment.

Anxiety will not stop worse moments from happening. Rather, it will prevent you from enjoying joy and mirth in the little moments of your life.

Living life gratefully in the present moment is the only thing where you can perceive both joy and contentment in your life.


Start feeling grateful for the life God has gifted you with.

“Count your blessings and see what lord has done.”

You will be surprised by the happiness and precious things the Lord has filled in your life.

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