Decision Fatigue : How to overcome Decision Fatigue?

Decision Fatigue : How to overcome Decision Fatigue?

What causes decision fatigue?

It may seem discouraging for us to stay in a world where there are various and abundant choices available. Sometimes, due to having a lot of options, we fail to make the correct choice. Making hasty decisions hurts your analytical capacity. These impacts level up the probability of hesitation, inability to make perfect choices, demoting the willpower you have. It fills you up with frustration and irritation in the end. You may also face trouble in focusing. That is when you experience decision fatigue in your life. The impact which numerous choices and options filled with colours make in your life causes decision fatigue. Decision fatigue needs to be eliminated from your life as soon as possible. Here, in this article, we will be learning how to overcome decision fatigue in life.

What is Decision fatigue?

Decision fatigue means a person’s inability in focusing and making correct decisions. With various and abundant options available, you experience your energy getting decreased. According to studies, it is said that our brain makes 40,00,000 decisions per day. That’s a huge number, isn’t it? It requires a lot of mental energy to make these thousands of decisions, no matter big or small. They may get drained in a second due to decision fatigue. Draining your mental energy can lead you to make vague decisions. This, in turn, increases your stress and decreases the productivity of your work.

On the other hand, making extra choices can also result in weakening and pausing the process of decision making. It has also been proved by Stanford University in a recent study. In decision fatigue, you will find it debilitating to make your own decisions because of precious brainpower getting drained. The stakes and side effects of facing a decision gradually get high on your mind.

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The steps of how to overcome decision fatigue:

The best part of this problem is that there are various methods for ensuring that you save and protect the cells that help you make important choices. It will be wise not to waste them on non-essential thoughts daily. It signifies that although our world is filled with a various colours and spices, we should not be swayed away by all of them.

Here we have six ways that will help you simplify and alleviate the impacts that decision fatigue makes on you. This will help you to focus more on your important work in life.

  • Follow your routine

We take a lot of time to decide on the little decisions. Some people find it hard to make these baby steps everyday. Therefore, if you have a specific routine to follow, it will eliminate the need of thinking unnecessary thoughts. You won’t have to think about what to do next in your daily life.

  • Try to decrease your options

You don’t get to make important choices all the time. It is the little choices that confuse you and drain most of your brainpower. Try to be more consistent in life to lessen the number of choices you make. Repeating the options you choose every day will help you be consistent.

  • Maintaining a time limit

If you are a person who tends to lose their way in the rabbit hole of imagination while making choices, then this option will be perfect for you. Whenever in need to make a decision, set a specific time in your timer and try to decide within it. When you see you haven’t been able to decide anything already, just go by what your heart says .

  • Make decisions quickly

Suffering from decision fatigue makes your decisions less effective. Therefore, making a way to an important decision is essential before it wastes your mental energy and brainpower. Try to complete thinking your thoughts by the day itself so that you can work upon them at night.

  • Do not rehearse your decisions

Once you make a choice, do not deviate from it. You cannot make the best decision in your life at all times; therefore, thinking about it a second time will give you nothing except extra stress. You will think and make more decisions henceforth. It’s best to stick to the optimum and suitable decision made. In case you doubt it, relax, inhale fresh air, and hope for the best results out of it.

  • Avoid making decisions during stress, hunger, and tiredness

Do not make important decisions if you feel hungry, stressed, or tired. You are sure to make bad decisions despite gauging your energy in the decision-making process. Leave it for the next day if it feels tiring; grab a snack if you’re hungry. Proper food, diet, and rest are also essential for our mind to function properly. Proper sleep as well as proper nutrition will sharpen your mind and your decision-making skills. It will also help you in overcoming decision fatigue.

Besides this, try to have more glucose enriched food and make your diet routines more frequent. Focus on your work and avoid letting various options distract you. Do what you think is right at all times. Try to be very careful when making decisions related to finance. You can also balance it using technology such as downloading some routine apps on your phone. For eg, Mint App, etc.


Decision fatigue is s serious issue and can make a huge negative impact on your life if not dealt with on time. We hope you now have understood what decision fatigue is, how it happens, and how to overcome decision fatigue in your life. It is the good decisions that help in making a person grow in his life. Try to follow the above steps to overcome decision fatigue if you’re suffering from it.

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