5 Benefits of spending time outdoors on your wellbeing

5 Benefits of spending time outdoors on your wellbeing

Benefits of spending time outdoors


Nature is beautiful. Isn’t it? We have a beautiful world outside with fresh air, animals, and plants. If you ever walk or spend some time in an open field amidst nature, you will understand how soulful and peaceful it is. It will make your mind fresh and happy. Besides this, it is also advantageous to your mental and physical health in different ways. 

benefits of spending time outdoors

Therefore, this article will discuss the benefits of spending time outdoors by listing how staying outdoors can contribute to your wellbeing in 5 different ways. 

Once you know about the reasons, you will understand how you benefit yourself by consuming the advantages from the outside world.

Five different ways in which staying outdoors will benefit you:

We are going to jump straight into the benefits of spending time outdoors. 

  • For healthy, body, and mind

According to the recent survey made by Ipsos MORI in sports, England, we have found out that the dynamic nature of a person is directly proportional to their satisfaction level of life. There is a direct connection of health benefits when you exercise or do physical activities outdoors. These health benefits include reducing the level of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone, and increasing the level of endorphins that make you feel good. Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that for a healthy mind and body, you should spend some time outdoors.

  • A good sleep at night

The benefits of being outside also include good sleep. This is because when you go out under the natural sun, it helps regulate melatonin production. Melatonin is very vital to your body as it controls your body’s biological clock. A deficiency of natural sunlight will cause insufficient melatonin levels, thereby disturbing your daily sleep at night. You will not feel comfortable enough even if you hit your head on a soft pillow. This reason has also been stated by the researchers of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

  • Being resilient

Staying outside your house is like stepping out of your comfort place. It requires both mental as well as physical resilience.

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This is essential especially for the youngsters of our society. They have to look out amongst the crowd to get light and success in their careers. Getting no spotlight in their careers can result in depression and other psychological stresses. Also, working outdoors as an individual will increase their focus, attention, and dedication to their work. It will also strengthen their mental capabilities as they will learn how to deal with situations outdoors. Good Mental health has a direct connection with social connection. 

  • A calm nose

Having beautiful landscape scenery in front of your eyes is a pleasure blessing for all your senses. When you take in the smell of fresh countryside pine trees with fresh green grass and flowers, it reduces the level of stress in your body. It has been clinically proven by Dr Nick Lavidis, University of Queensland’s School of Biomedical Science. It also benefits your heart and lungs and results in a good pumping rate of blood. Being Happy produces the hormone serotonin, which also benefits the heart and other body systems in many ways. These are related to the health benefits of spending time outdoors.

  • Discovering your creativities

When you exercise outdoors, especially at some far distances from your home, you clear the cobwebs set in your head as well as muscles. You learn new experiences, techniques, and a lot more things and a lot more things from the outside world. It has been tested that people who spend more time outdoors have scored 50% better results in creativity than others. Staying home and keeping yourself busy with digital distractions can harm your mental abilities. Therefore if you spend time outdoors, it will benefit you in enhancing your creativity level.

Besides this, the pores in your skin cells need fresh air to give a natural glow to your skin. Making new friends will help you improve your communication skills, and you will also start being self-dependent once you start working outdoors.


In conclusion, we would like to say that nature is beautiful and useful at the same time. It provides you with a lot of benefits hence try utilising them. For good health, both mentally as well physically, spend some time with nature outdoors. Practising yoga early in the morning outdoors in nature benefits the proper functioning of your body systems and also increases your body flexibility. Try doing it sometimes. 

Nature is pure bliss when it comes to giving benefits to us. Therefore, love and enjoy nature to your fullest.

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