Are You Following the Goldilocks Rule?

Are You Following the Goldilocks Rule?

Have you ever heard about the story of Goldilocks and the three little bears? Are you following the Goldilocks Rule ?

In the last article, we learned about The Big Five Personality Traits and learned about different personality types. In this article, we will be discussing the fairy tale of ” Goldilocks and the three bowls”, and how it is connected to human behaviour and tendencies. The story of Goldilocks is about a peckish young girl. She was given three bowls of porridge to taste. And her reaction after that, was based on their taste. After she tasted the first bowl, she found it too hot. She moved onto the next bowl, which was too cold for her. When she tasted the porridge from the third one, she found it perfect!

You can read the full story here :

We will now learn about the rules and principles derived from this story. These rules can guide a person in choosing the correct option for themselves when faced with choices. They are known as the GOLDILOCKS RULES.

What is the Goldilocks Rule or principle?

As we can see, this story derives a moral for us. It is an analytic survey that when a person is confronted with the same choices, they tend to get attracted towards the moderate option of all. This is the Goldilocks Rule or Goldilocks principle.

Goldilocks rule at Work/Academics – Examples

Most e-learners suffer from the Goldilocks syndrome. When the content that they learn from becomes “too hot”, it signifies that the content is taking a charge on them. This is because they find it too hard to grasp. At times, when it becomes ” too cold” , the learner finds it difficult to even scratch the content’s surface. Therefore, the learners need to know how to choose the best content.

Similarly, besides e-learners, people from other professions also need to do the same when it comes to their work. For choosing the correct option, they need to adapt these Goldilocks Rules.

Here are a few signs that will show if you are following the Goldilocks Rule and principles or not.

Signs that you’re Following the Goldilocks Rule:-

The six signs that you are into the Goldilocks principles or rules are:

  • Making your work digestible:

Just like the bowl of porridge in the fairytale, you tend to make your work ” digestible”. That is a significant factor in the reality of life. You always like to add the perfect amount of content to your work. This irks sufficient interest in your career and helps gain a lot of appreciation.

  • Making your work expressible:

Besides making your work digestible, it is also important to express it to the viewers. Audiences should understand your work and why it is the best of all. For this, you always tend to put the optimum elements to your work so that it looks more effective. You give utmost priority in expressing your work because just like the fairy tale, it gives the power to get selected as the best one. This gives you more opportunities like survey conduction, interviews, and diagnosing assessment.

  • Avoiding overload intellectually:

You tend to focus more on the objectives of your work to avoid intellectual overload. Consequently, you can easily shift the needle between information that” should be known” and “good if known”. You will put interesting ideas keeping in mind that they serve the purpose or goals of your work. You are more likely to contribute more than required for your work.

  • Avoiding options overloading:

Before presenting your work to the audience, you always like to provide just the options to enhance the effectiveness of your work. You love digging into the nitty-gritty of your work. You just want to be perfect when it comes to your work.

  • Making your work more interactive:

According to different situations, you become cautious in integrating the interactive nature of your work. Interactivity is kept at a perfect amount in your work. That’s the speciality in you. With reference from the story, you always try putting the correct options in your work, like the “third bowl of porridge”.

  • Filling your work with additional information:

You never end your work or project without adding extra information into it. It is because you love showing how experienced you are with your work. Therefore, you also decorate your work with extra links, video tutorials to boost up your work. You keep on furnishing your work until it reaches your level of satisfaction as well as perfection. Therefore, you are free from any kind of frustration or stress related to your work or career.

If you are someone who has all the qualities mentioned above — in any field of work, — then you are following the signs of Goldilocks Rules and Goldilocks principles. These rules will make you a better person and will motivate you in your life and business. Just like the moral of the story, you make sure that when people come to judge your work just like ” Goldilocks tasting the three bowls of porridge” they find it neither too hot nor too cold like the first two bowls. They should find it absolutely perfect, like the third bowl of porridge.

Although the fairytale of Goldilocks has an apprehensive ending, you can implement the moral at various work stages of your life. You also have to keep in mind that just calculating your current aims and goals will not fetch you a fairy tale like Goldilocks if you do not fill the gaps in your knowledge. Having a vast amount of common sense and knowledge is very important to making your fairy tale come true. Therefore, we hope that you can now understand how much important it is to have just the right elements in every field of work, as well as in life. It is because an ending of ” happily ever after” is almost within your reach if you add them to your work.

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