Our story

It’s been quite sometime now. We’ve grown. No, we’re not as big as the Thought Catalog yet, but we’ll get there.

Lesser Known Writer started its journey in July 2020 as a blog. Having no clue where to begin, we were a tad disorientated. Having researched for quite a few days, narrowing down areas that the blog could talk about, we knew we wanted to share ideas about everything under the sun. Not just ideas, but opinions and nuggets of knowledge as well. We began writing about anything and everything but ended up being all over the place.

Gradually, we were tidying ourselves up a bit.

We became pretty passionate about genres such as psychology, wellness, mindfulness, organics, relationships, life-coaching, conscious living, and everything related, and we promised ourselves to stick to these.

Articles, blogs, videos, ads, and interviews are now posted on a regular basis.

If you wish to write for us, please email us at support@lesserknownwriter.com

No, we didn’t stop here.

In March 2021, Lesser Known Writer introduced its new segment – Lesser Known Books. This segment includes digital books for your tablet, kindle, or mobile device. All titles are available through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Lesser Known Writer’s eStore.

Also, we are excited to hear about your book idea. Please email us at support@lesserknownwriter.com if you would like your work to be considered for publication with Lesser Known Books.